I went from throwing 82mph to 97mph! Now YOU can do what I did.

Velocity accelerator secrets virtual Clinic

Imagine what you'll feel like when you throw harder in ONLY 6 WEEKS

 Read my story that proves YOU can do it.

Yes! i AM ready to start dominating on the mound.

What if you could do the training system I developed that got me to throw 97mph as a regular guy? 

I used to think throwing 90 or over was for the lucky ones... 

the genetic freaks who were just born better than me.


It turns out, if you do the right things the right way in the right order,

you DO have it in you to be as good as you think you can be.

I can say that because I lived it.

HI. I'm Justin Dyksma, a pitcher. 

Just a couple years ago, I was like so many players throwing in the 70s or low 80s coming out of high school.

Even though basically no one else believed in my dream, 

I KNEW IN MY HEART I was capable of being so much better, of throwing so much faster.

But, the reality was...I didn't have many prospects. 

I didn't have the chance to get developed in a farm league or a major university where the top pitchers usually come from.

So, I had a choice. 

Figure it out myself or listen to everyone else and give up on my dream.

I decided to figure it out.

A couple short years later, here I am, throwing 97mph!!!

Despite that, I still haven't achieved my ultimate goals (yet) and have run into problems along the way...

(injury, which I do my best to help you avoid)

But, on my path I have figured out a couple things...

1. I REALLY LOVE coaching. I've learned that someday, whether it's after a long professional pitching career or in a couple years, I am going to coach, expand my online training academy along with an in-person training center.

I love coaching because I love helping people experience the things I have and overcome the problems I overcame (hopefully faster and easier than I did).

The other thing I learned the last couple years coaching is...

2. There's a huge benefit of me teaching other players NOW... while I'm still playing and learning.

Because I KNOW what you're going through, what you're struggling with... the physical, the mental, all of it.

And, it's REAL to me TODAY.

That's a lot different from trying to remember what it's like 5-10-30 years from now!

Have you ever felt like your coaches couldn't relate? (Or, worse... not care to?)

I lived it in the last couple years so I can tell you things other coaches can't.

It was in learning those things...

that I decided to teach pitchers what I learned in my journey from throwing 82mph to throwing 97mph.

This matters to me because I was just like you a couple short years ago.

And I want you to be where I am...

Oh, and know that it's not your fault you haven't made it yet.

You just aren't doing the right things, yet. I wasn't either.

You're gonna follow the same path I did (but better)...

...so you can prove everyone wrong and KNOW YOU are as good as you think you are.

Introducing the Velocity Accelerator Secrets

Do what got someone like you to go from throwing 82 to 97.

Are you tired of...

  • Not knowing whether what you're doing will help you throw faster or not?
  • Not getting individual feedback you need to actually learn how to throw correctly?
  • Not being around people who believe in you?

  • Coaches not willing to work with your difficult schedule?
  • Being good at different sports but your baseball coaches forcing you to focus only on baseball?
  • ​Not throwing with enough velocity to win games and get noticed by recruiters?

If you're saying yes to any of these statements, 
this is exactly the right program for you.

Here's what no one tells you:

You don't have to be born a super-athlete. You don't have to be a giant. 

You need to do the right things, do them with great mechanics, and learn them in the right sequence.

In my virtual clinic, you'll unlock more velocity, power, speed, athleticism, and learn the mechanics you need.

And you don't have to travel a long distance or spend thousands of dollars to do it.

I did all the trial and error on how to get a regular guy (me) 
to go from throwing in the low 80s to throwing as fast as 97.

You benefit from everything I learned and get to do exactly what I did.

Are you ready to find out what's in the Velocity Accelerator Secrets Clinic?

  The exact strategies I used to get from 82 to 97.

 A wearable that's like having me with you, giving unlimited real-time feedback so you know you're doing it right (optional & recommended). 

  The weight program I developed to gain both mass AND gain velocity.

  LIVE weekly group coaching and question & answer sessions.

  A community of players focused on elevating their pitching and helping each other prove the haters wrong!

  100% virtual programming so you can practice anywhere, anytime.

Before you keep reading, I want you to know this...

Everything YOU will do, I've DONE.

  • I researched, studied, tried, failed and tried again and developed a program that propelled me from 82 to 97mph.
  • I have been where you are - not too long ago. I know how you feel and know what you're going through. That's why I'm doing this... because I wish there was something real like this program when I needed it.
  • AND, I DO THE PROGRAM NOWWhat else is there to say?

The 3 KEYS of the Velocity accelerator secrets


Strength of body.
Consistency of mechanics.
Courage to chase your dream.


Weekly Challenges keep you moving forward: learning, competing, and having fun.


Working together, talking pitching, holding each other accountable, doing it.

Who the Velocity Accelerator Secrets Clinic is For...

  • Pitchers who have a good work ethic but have plateaued for some reason. You're not sure why but are driven to succeed.
  • Players who either don't live close to great pitching coaches or can't afford the high prices of individual elite-level instruction.
  • Players who, even if you're on a good team and have good coaches, are overlooked... no one believes you can be as good as you KNOW you can be. And, you need a program to prove them wrong.
  • ​Less experienced pitchers looking to accelerate not just their velocity but also their understanding of what it takes to be great.
  • ​Any pitcher who wants to dominate on the mound!

Who the Velocity Accelerator Secrets Clinic is NOT For...

  • Players who think there's a magic pitching wand that makes you throw faster without focusing on what needs to get better. 
  • People who aren't willing to see results of the full program before deciding whether it 'works for them' or not
  • Players who try to bring other players down instead of looking for guidance when they aren't sure what to do or how to do it.
  • ​Burmese pythons.
  • ​Clayton Kershaw, Randy Johnson, Shohei Ohtani, Justin Verlander, Nolan Ryan. Exception: You're welcome to join if you teach us some secrets!

Thank you Justin. This made a lot of sense and was helpful. I appreciate the feedback and the extra info you were able to give me regarding my arm.

- Chase Lindemann

Thanks for the tips. I've had problems with runners... on not picking up my target early enough!

- Kade Fletcher

He does a good job on preparing himself for any opportunity that comes his way.

This video helped me get a better understanding of how rotational movement can be beneficial, not only on the field but off the field as well.  Communicating with Justin through the process has been great

- Lincoln Turner

We are the FIRST pitching program offering this brand new motion analysis wearable,  which makes our virtual clinic better than any other!

The wearable gives real-time coaching feedback on your mechanics

It's like having me giving you feedback on your mechanics as many times as you want, whenever you want.

Secret: soon you will be able to compete with other players like a real-life video game.

(learn more about the wearable after clicking the button to go to the next page)


You Started at 82. I'm not even close to that yet. Should I still sign up?
Yes! I was throwing 82 at the end of high school. I worked up to that just like anyone else. Start where you are. I wish I had the opportunity to do this program a couple years earlier than I started. Maybe I would've been drafted!
I watch you and other pitchers and coaches on TikTok and Instagram. What can I get from the clinic that I can't get from watching TikTok?
Great question! There are a couple important reasons. The biggest most important is that the order you do things matters. Going through a program that stacks skills and strength on top of each other is much more effective and complicated than just watching media posts. It's kinda like the difference between learning one word in a different language and learning how to speak sentences. The words are great and important, but they aren't that useful without being able to speak sentences.
The other reason is the (optional) wearable that gives real-time feedback. I encourage you to look at getting one. It's a game changer for any virtual learning.
What if I'm busy and I can't log on every day?
Ideally, it is best if you can practice on your own as much as possible. Why? We want you to get everything you can out of your clinic. We take your improvement very seriously. But, if you have other commitments, that's OK, too. Just let us know at the beginning of the clinic so we are aware of your schedule. Do as much as you can and do your best to join the weekly LIVE meetings.
The community feel of the weekly group calls sounds like something I would like. What if my schedule doesn't permit being part of the LIVE group?
I understand that people are on different time zones and people have different schedules. We'll do our best to pick times that fit for peoples' schedules, but it's impossible to get it perfect for everyone. If you do miss a weekly group discussion, don't worry. We will record them and post in the member's section.
What happens if I sign up and I don't like the clinic?
It matters to me a lot that people get what they are trying to get from my clinic. If you start out and don't like it, I encourage you to keep trying. Sometimes it takes some time for new things to become comfortable enough to like the process and experience. That's important to learn if you want to be your best at anything. If after that, you don't think it's for you, we have a money back guarantee. You can find out more about the guarantee when you click the button below.

Click the button to find out what's all in my 
Velocity Accelerator Secrets virtual clinic.

And learn about different details of the clinic.

And the community you'll be part of.

And the wearable.

And the added bonuses.

All designed so you can experience what I did in going from throwing 82 to 97mph.

Check out our money back guarantee.

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