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  • Remote Biomechanics Analysis: The worlds only mobile coach/athlete friendly biomechanics analysis for coaches & players to use as often as you want - on your own or with our feedback
  • Evaluations: Automated diagnostics which track players' progress in any technique or series of exercises
  • Facility Visits: We visit your facility, perform diagnostics - options include world-class athlete programs, creation of evaluations so you can improve after we leave, and athlete specific technique makeovers
  • Real Learning: Real-time feedback so players can try-learn, try-learn, try-learn until they get it right (great for re-learning as well)


Players use our mobile motion analysis wearable to get player analysis anywhere - with their team or at home.

Teams can create their own technique content for players to model so they learn exactly what you want them to learn. You are the expert and know what you want to teach more than we do.

Teams can monitor player progress and usage over time. 

     Is technique improving with performance? 

     Why are you in a slump? 

     Are you recovered from injury?  

     Did you practice at home?

     We need a backup who plays exactly like our starter.

Players have the flexibility to go above and beyond by getting the feedback coaches want them to get while practicing at home.

It's like having a bunch of extra elite level assistants who follow your players everywhere and coaches EXACTLY what you want them to coach!


'Evaluations' are player diagnostics.

To create an evaluation, inside the coach dashboard, you select a series of exercises or techniques to diagnose a specific skill or physical attribute.

For example, if you wanted to create your own 'functional screen', you select the exercises you want and press 'create'.

Then, a player (at home or with you) is led through each of the exercises, which they complete with the wearable, until the evaluation is complete. 

Once finished, the player gets a score for each exercise. You get the results.

Use evaluations for screens, technical analysis... whatever you like.

You can create evaluations on your own.

We can work with you to create evaluations.

Very soon, you will be able to buy other experts' evaluations (and sell yours).

On-Site Biomechanics Analysis: KNOW You're Doing What's Right

Our team members come to your facility and put players through assessments and give expert feedback.

We not only help generate baseline measurements, we:

  • Develop Evaluations to Fit Your Coaching Beliefs (with your input),  so you're getting a custom program to fit your team and your coaching
  • ​Set up your computers and give tutorials on how to use it all in person for you and your staff. It is easy, but if you're not comfortable with tech, we can do it for you.
  • ​Show your athletes the fastest way to put on and utilize the wearable so you are as efficient as possible - down to about 3 minutes set up.
  • If desired: Teach your team how to create content and evaluations so you can do it all after we leave (teach you to fish so you can be sustainable).
  • ​If desired: Create and edit all of your content for you (no need to understand what this means right now. It's part of customizing to fit your coaching vision.).

Teach Your Athletes to Be More Talented

We believe biomechanics analysis's hidden bigger purpose is NOT to give you information - although it is very valuable and it is part of what we do.

The secret-weapon purpose is to teach your athletes how to learn like the most talented athletes you coached.

Our motion analysis wearable is like an external feedback loop that gives players technique feedback when they perform.

Using it over-and-over teaches their brain to learn the same way the super-talented players learn.

In other words, they figure out how to learn super-fast with their body (become more talented).

Try - get real-time 3D technical feedback. 
Try - get real-time 3D technical feedback. 
Try - get real-time 3D technical feedback. 
Over and over.

Over time, it trains the brain to learn faster because it gives immediate, objective, consistent feedback.

Previously, you couldn't do it like this with all of your players because the tech was too slow, bulky, complicated, expensive, and expert reliant.

Our wearable is easy to use, mobile, doesn’t have cameras or anything like that.

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"Athletes and coaches are now able to instruct, say, the baseball swing, with full transparency to their students. 

The PINA wearable allows for complete movement feedback and scoring virtually, or in person. 

Not only that, the PINA wearable is such an effective way to evaluate progression over a period of time. 

Diagnostics can be set up, serving as a 'combine' mechanism - of sorts! 

This wearable technology will change the way athletes absorb feedback, and an overall understanding of their individual movements!"

- Garrett Gangarrossa, X-Factor Sports


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