You don't have to be a pro to be coached by one

First sports wearable to fulfill the promise of virtual sports coaching.
Learn from your favorite sports influencer.


+Led 3 Multi-Billion Dollar Products

+Coached 20+ World Champions in Sport

+Published 300 Academic Papers

Web3 Multi-Sided Platform

Sports and Dance Players, Experts, and NFT / Token Buyers benefit

"The multi-sided platform is the core template for value creation and value capture in crypto."

- Ali Yahya, Andreessen Horowitz crypto partner

  • Real-Time Expert Feedback: know what you're doing so you can learn how to get better - overcome the YouTube problem of no feedback
  • Earn Tokens: Get redeemable tokens to help you reach your goals
  • Compete Against Other Players: The inner spark to keep you focused on getting better in the game - also in the real world so you can show your skills in both places
  • Real World Technique: REAL learning in the virtual world develops winning form on the field, court or dance floor

Wearable Fulfills the Dream of World Class Virtual Coaching

Since the beginning of sports, the dream is to learn from sports experts anywhere in the world. 

  • YouTube is great: But, you don't know if you're doing it right or wrong.That's why you get tests in school, right? Without feedback, you don't learn
  • ​Easy to Use and Accurate: Ready in seconds without needing to be a technology expert.
  • Mobile or Plugged In: Get out in the world and practice wherever you want. As long as you have wifi, you're good.
  • Expert Creator Tool: Experts can create content in minutes without developer help.

'3D' NFT Trading Cards

Regular NFT Trading Cards Have Created at Least 2 Sports NFT Companies with Multi-Billion Dollar Valuations.

Imagine owning an NFT of the REAL 3-D technique of:

  • Christiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi's Game
  • Serena Williams' Serve or Forehand
  • Tom Brady's warmup throws before his last SuperBowl
  • ​The Next up-and-coming Star before they make it big

The Best Team for the Job

25+ Years CPA in Emerging Tech 

3x Led Multi-Billion $ Projects

+20x Coached World Champions

+300x Academic Papers Published


Why is the Wearable Important?
The sports world wanted to coach remotely for generations. It began with instructional books, then VHS, CD, DVD, and now YouTube. As great as the instruction is, these are 'one-way' experiences. The learner only benefits from 50% of learning. An effective learning environment requires both instruction and feedback. These 'one-way' coaching experiences provide no real-time feedback. The Wearable gives real-time, immediate feedback on what you are doing and shows where you need to improve.
Is the Wearable easy to use?
From the drawing board, the design was for consumers, not experts. But, like any new technology, there is a learning curve. Once that is overcome, unlike other motion capture products, it calibrates in seconds and is ready to play and learn.
Who are the experts and sport stars?
Like when a video game platform launches, when our game launches, seed content from accomplished experts will be available across several sports domains. Once the game launches, the expert platform will open to new experts who want to create their content - athletes, coaches, and trainers.
What if I want the NFT but I don't want the Wearable?
You can approach it in several different ways. You can give the wearable to friends, kids, or relatives. Consider that the more active users in the ecosystem, the more value is generated for the NFT and tokens you get by owning the NFT. Or, think of it kinda like a collectible action figure still in the box. The NFT with unredeemed hardware may add future value.
What is motion capture? What does the Wearable do?
Motion capture is your movement represented by data, which is often shown back to you in the form of an avatar. If you've seen videos on the process of making movie animations and special effects, you've seen motion capture. What's unique about our wearable is cameras are not needed, and it yields high-quality results in a consumer package.
What happens in the game?
In the game, the player attempts to copy the technique or movement created by an expert. It could be an exercise, a dance, a baseball throw, or just about anything. With the guidance of parameters set up by the expert, the game scores the player's attempt compared to the expert. Players are ranked compared to other game players. High-score wins. To encourage habits that lead to success, players win tokens for winning and practice frequency and quality.
Where can I learn more about the tokenomics of the token?
After the first-wave NFT launch, a tokenomics expert comes in-house to review and formalize our token strategy. Once complete, we will update the White Paper with appropriate tokenomics information. Token stability is of utmost importance to the long-term vision.
What is the price and utility of the NFT?
When available, pricing announcement drops in our Discord. Get invites through our Twitter (@pinaGameNFT).